The Eric Williams Scholarship Fund launched a new program in 2018, calling art students to showcase their artistic talent for a chance to win a scholarship. The program had a handful of submissions, all of which were amazing, making it difficult to choose just one winner. This resulted in a 1st place winner and a runner-up winner. We are proud to announce that Julia Evans has been selected as the runner-up winner for the Eric Williams Scholarship Fund 2018 Art Contest. Congratulations Julia, and thank you for all your hard work and participation!

Julia Evans is a student at Luzerne County Community College. She submitted this beautiful painting as part of the Eric J. Williams Scholarship Fund’s new art contest. This talented artist received a scholarship for her painting. The theme was –

While considering all kinds of scenes that an officer might look at, such as dark and heinous to thoughtless and irresponsible, I decided I wanted to paint a mundane but also corrupt scene. I decided on a more mundane scene than heinous because I wanted to depict both what an officer might see, and what a normal citizen might also see. Many people don’t view Police Officers as normal people and have nothing in common with others, but I know that they are normal people just like me. I thought by painting something I can understand and might see would humanize them in a way.

I decided to set the scene in a city alley way because both good and bad things can happen. People live normal lives, but crime can also occur. I wanted to use bright colors despite the scene taking place in an alley way, because I hoped to show that a few crimes are not the end of the world, and a world full of light and hope continues on. I tried to incorporate small details that are found in cities such as taxis and fire escapes to make it feel real.

The three aspects I included were: Children playing in a fire hydrant, someone breaking into a car, and a man smoking against a wall.
I wanted to include three things that will provoke emotion and questions. The children playing innocently in the street: full of life and happiness. The man sneakily breaking into a car: something that can affect many people, shows character, and shows corruptness. The man smoking: something that the viewer is unsure of because they don’t know what substance they are smoking, bringing a feeling of suspicion (what an officer must feel everyday).

As always, the intentions of these three actions and the feelings of this painting are up to the interpretation to the viewer.